Philly cheesesteaks. Villy veesesteaks. Vegan philly cheesesteaks are all over this city. I did not conduct a thorough study, so I cannot tell you where to find the best one, but I can tell you where to get one while also making a potato person!

Tattooed Mom on South Street has Sunday brunch that includes a FREE CRAFT WHILE YOU BRUNCH. I was not expecting this. I just knew they had vegan food, but five seconds in the door and I no longer care what they serve me. Elmer’s glue, googly eyes, and sparkly pom-pons are ingredients for a good time. If I lived in Philly, this would be a favorite spot!

IMG_1977 IMG_1987 IMG_1975 (1) IMG_1965 IMG_1984 IMG_1966

The vegan cheesesteak was good too. I don’t know what the veg meat was made from, but the cheese was Daiya mozzarella. Look at how cute our potato people turned out!

Other notable noms:


My friend’s vegan Philly cheesesteak from HipCityVeg. I’ve never had a real cheesesteak, but I think this one is closer to the traditional based on sliminess.


Charlie Was a Sinner. is a great late night spot. It reminds me of The Oakland in Ferndale. Both have elaborate cocktails and decor, but this place also has a menu of 100% vegan small plates. We need one of these in Detroit. We tried the wild mushroom and barley on toast.


Also, cocktails from Ela. They switch up their cocktail menu yearly and name the drinks after songs by different punk bands. Last year was Brand New. This year it’s the Dead Milkmen.

Those are the highlights, folks. Villy veesesteaks!

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