Moms Are Sweet

In the Food Cutie family there is no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to get together and binge out with some Sunday brunch buffet fixings at Lakeland’s.

I love my mom so much I ate two whole plates of food in her honor: Bacon, blintz, eggs benny, crab cake, dijon encrusted salmon, caprese salad, grilled veggies, and a big lump of carbs.

The dessert spread was super dank since moms are so sweet! Also, bitches love desserts.

Excuse me, cream puffs, I couldn’t help but notice you’re glistening.


Lemon cake was mom’s favorite.

Almond cake and baklava.

French silk pie.

White chocolate cherry cake.

Top reasons my mom is the cutest:

1. Her nails are always sparkly.

2.. She over-zealously shares images on Facebook with motivational messages, like these inspiring gems:

3. She taught me how to make scrambled eggs when I was 4 years old; a love for cooking I have not lost.

4. Her adventurous, youthful spirit does not show signs of fading. Because of her, I don’t fear getting older.

5. She doesn’t apologize for being herself.

I LOVE YOU, MOMMY! (Does this count as a card?)

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