5 Things I Learned Being Vegan-ish

Hello again. Another one of those it’s-been-a-whiles. I’ve been having a great summer and I hope you have as well. Here’s an update on my 8 months of veganish life, what I’ve learned and why I’m cool with continuing as veganish.

I became a bit of an expert on some expected things, like how to make the best vegan chocolate chip cookies or delicious taco meat out of homemade seitan. I gladly found myself experimenting with different fruits and vegetables and loving newfound variety, which is all practical and lovely!

Other learnings are applicable to all things life and I’d like to share them with you here in a listy, snackable format.

1. Consistency is important.

You know how they say it’s not the about the destination but the journey? 100% cliché, 100% truth. Whether you’re intending to make a long-term life choice or give a plant-based diet a try, I’ve recognized the importance of sticking with it and not being discouraged by imperfection– A lesson I can apply to pretty much any project or personal relationship. Being a consistent friend, employee, and human is rewarding and focusing on your successes instead of dwelling on pitfalls is a huge strength.

2. Know your reasons.

If you can confidently explain yourself no one will question you and you won’t be apt to doubt yourself. Surprisingly most people are cool with whatever you want to do with your bod. Honestly most people will keep eating what they want to eat, so don’t expect to affect anyone but yourself and be prepared to be okay with that. All of this should be for you, babe. 😉

3. Bring a sweater.

Feeling cold? Try eating a hamburger! Or bring a sweater. That’s a joke about the idea that vegans are deficient in essential stuff for the bod, e.g. me being cold and anemic all the time. Just figure out what’s right for you. If you’re craving something like eggs or yogurt (the things I lusted for) you should maybe try eating them. Better than craving oreos and twizzlers (which are vegan, see this post) and at the end of the day I am still able to feel good about my decreased impact on the environment and self awareness in my food choices. That helps me accept veganish and to not feel like I’m no longer a member of some VIP club. Struggles happen when you expect to float around like a invincible vegan god/goddess with a new super power. That DOES NOT happen. I repeat, you DO NOT gain super powers by eating vegan.

4. Choices are great and a luxury.

Oh the lovely luxury and burden of choice! I am more aware of the perceived and persistent array of choices we are provided on a daily basis. We have so many options these days how could we possibly know when we’ve found the best life partner, perfect career, best new sneakers, or place for lunch? It makes it easy to go down a rabbit hole trying to seek something that is nonexistent. I guess I just want to reiterate the fact that I understand it is a luxury I can choose to eat what I want to eat pretty much all the time and I’ve never known hunger in my entire life (despite the fact that I am often quite cold).

5. You’re a goddess.

Vegans are everywhere. I enjoy the fact that restaurants and grocery stores make it a lot easier than it was even just a few years ago. Still, everybody comes in all shapes and sizes and we all do what we do for different reasons. Some people make veganism (or cheetos, or whatever) a major component of their lives. There are people who only want to eat bagel bites everyday. Just respect everyone is actually a goddess with or without cheeto dust-stained fingers.

Some of my favorite summer shots:

Old Rag, Shenandoah National Park, VA
Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, MI
Ryan Mountain, Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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