Tempeh @ Sava’s in Ann Arbor

Are you ready to hear the most beautiful sequence of four words in the English language? Yes? Okay! They are Internet Cat Video Festival. At the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis cat video fans come together to turn this beautifully introverted pastime to a large social event. There are also award winners! Watch this video if that sounds appealing to you.

The State Theatre in Ann Arbor was showing the video reel from the festival. I love any excuse to come to this great town, but this was slated to be extra special. You can understand the tragedy of the situation when we got to the theater ten minutes before showtime and it was SOLD OUT. Unfortunately, I can’t provide details on how great it inevitably would have been to sit cozy with cat-loving strangers, maybe hold hands, and laugh at silly animals. This is a testament to the power of kitties and shame on us for not buying tickets ahead of time.

Good news is I found my new favorite spot in Ann Arbor at Sava’s! Not to be confused with Seva, which has locations in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Sava’s has a pretty cute interior and classy ambiance. Best of all, the menu is diverse and pleasing to both veg eaters and omnivores. I sometimes get eye rolls when i suggest vegan places and I don’t like being the high-maintenance dinner companion. I like to prove a point by successfully eating sans dairy and meat anywhere, like a secret vegan ninja! At Sava’s I didn’t have to order a side of fries and a side salad sans cheese and buttery croutons, while my friends chomp burgers. 🙂


It was actually quite great. I got the ginger & sesame tempeh salad which includes four greens, thin rice noodles, matchstick carrots, cucumbers, mint, basil, cilantro, green onions, toasted sesame dressing. They also had a roasted cauliflower and tahini dish and some other options. I’m glad I went with the tempeh. It was really yummy, warm and filling on the cold, crunchy salad fixings.

New favorite!! Thanks, Sava’s!!

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