Seitan-ic Sandwich 

What is seitan? Should we be afraid?

Seitan is also called wheat meat. So if you are celiac, yeah, you should avoid seitan like it’s satan. Otherwise, it has a spongey texture that is closer to meat than tofu or tempeh and absorbs flavors, which means it can be pretty versatile. 

Let’s get seitanic!!

This vegan Thanksgiving recipe for mushroom seitan roast caught my eye so I decided to give it a try, although a bit off-season.

Ingredients! Goodwell’s Natural Foods Market had most of them. And I won’t get too into it right now, but this place is heaven and I’m so happy it’s on my street. A few of the items on my list weren’t on the shelves, but the staff was happy to measure out what I needed from their bulk supply in the back.

The bowl of dry stuff is wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, rolled oats and spices. Then we also need mushrooms, of course.


The mushrooms get put in the processor and then added to the the dry ingredients along with some wet ingredients (vegetable broth, soy sauce, and tahini). Then it’s formed into a baby loaf, swaddled in aluminum and baked at 400 for 1 hour. When it comes out it’s sliceable seitan.


Thyme and sage make it taste like Thanksgiving. I wish it were more mushroom-y, but with a homemade mushroom gravy on it, it could really win the hearts of many.

I tried it Thanksgiving-leftover style in a sandwich. Some spiralized carrots and spinach were added with dijon on Ezekial bread.


Now I have lots of seitan. Come over, I’ll make you a Thanksgiving-in-March seitan-ic sandwich! You can tell me it’s devilishly delicious and we can talk about what we’re thankful for, like seitan and puns!

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