Pizza Makes Everything Better

How to salvage your night after getting kicked out of PT’s for dancing on the booth despite being reprimanded several times:

1) First you will need some spectacular friends that will leave the bar to join you in the street for the next installment of adventures.

2) You’re probably pretty hungry after downing those whiskey and diet cokes, or at least welcome to the idea of greasiness inside your mouth. Luckily, Georgio’s Pizza lies in the midst of the East Lansing bar scene. Make a bee-line for this place.

3) Once inside, stick your face up to the glass and ogle all the melty triangles for a solid fifteen minutes before making a final decision on which flavor will appropriately compliment your drunken state.

AHHH! This pizza has tortellini on it.

Black bean pizza, WOW!

You are already having a lot of fun, right?

4) Keep this thing rolling and start chatting with the pizza administrator while your slice is being toasted to perfection. If his shirt is mildly clever and has a gnome on it, ask to buy it off his back for a few bucks. It’s worth a try.

5) Once your slices are ready, sit yourself down and bliss out.

6) Since you’ve finished your slice first, coerce your friends into sharing theirs by establishing a competition to determine whose choice was the best. First place goes to Courtney Born with the Greek salad pizza.

MMMMM. It’s so good.

7) Before you leave, bother the Georgio’s late-night employee one last time to take a picture of your whole gang. We are pizza monsters.

8) Now let your newly filled belly be your guide into the night. Hang out of a sunroof, jump on a trampoline, and meet the beard champion of the world.

I was just trying to teach them how to Dougie. I wasn’t hurting anybody.

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1 Comment

  1. Becca Cottrell

    OMG. Too much fun. Loved it. Loved all the different pizza choices. What a great way to give a great ending to a night that could have been a bummer. xoxo

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