H is for Hummus and “Hello, it’s been a while…”

It’s February 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. It’s fucking cold outside. I’m feeling the tightness of the skin on my winter hands as I type this, but I have good news I have to get out of me…

Food Cutie is coming back. Please, somebody get me some lotion.

Hello, it’s been a while. Lots has happened, but I’ll tell you more about that in a proper re-introduction to Food Cutie post. One thing that happened is that I dropped mad cash on a quality food processor. For a Cuisinart, $100 ain’t shabby. Gadgets are great!

The first thing I made in this shiny new guy? Hummus!

On my way home from le job I was thinking in my head about my planned stop at the store by my place where I’d get some tahini, the only ingredient my cupboard was lacking for hummus…and maybe some coconut and some dates and some lotion and bbllahhh blah..

And then I realized I was driving into the city, from the best Detroit suburb for all things middle eastern, Dearborn. 🙂

I found myself at a large arabic superstore where I happily mulled around. I watched people eat straight out of bins of nuts, I debated vacuum packed olives versus bulk, I read the ingredients on nearly every packaged item in the snacks/sweets aisle and an hour later ended up in the checkout line with Sicilian olives, peanuts, a very large jar of pickled turnips on sale, chickpeas, dates, and the needed tahini.

Anyway, the hummus turned out great! I took an extra 10 minutes to actually pop all the chickpeas out of their skins, which resulted in much smoother hummus than previous attempts. Although, that also may be from the gadget improvement too.

Dinner is served:


This happened ^^ and included the olives, turnips, and garlic sauce from the store with the freshly-made hummus accompanied by some steamed collard greens and ezekial bread.

Pinky promise my photos will be better for future posts and cheers to new beginnings!! ¡Qué aproveches!

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