How I Made Homemade Kimchi


Was on a Monday night mission to make some homemade kimchi. Ingredients were needed at the asian mart.

Got to the AZN mart. Read the sign and made sure to park to shop.


Took a window selfie with the fish.


Learned that some choy is baby bok, some choy is yu, and some choy is big and gai.



Marveled at all the different kinds of tofu. I got some tofu noodles!


Also, happy belated Chinese New Year!


I did not buy any eggs.


Picked up the napa cabbage, daikon radish, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, and gochujang needed. Followed this recipe to make some kimchi! One big napa cabbage made 1 spaghetti sauce jar and two smaller olive jar sized portions. I let it ferment 4 days to get really funky.

IMG_1705IMG_1704 IMG_1717IMG_1703

Eat it plain, on rice crackers or in a stir fry!

I like the word kimchi. It’s South Korea’s national dish and it’s good for you! They eat a lot of it.

It’s a probiotic, which means although it looks like regular food, it contains microorganisms that get in your guts and make good things happen: cure tummy troubles, boost immunity, help your skin function, make you shit, and more. It’s good for vegans that can’t get probiotics from yogurt.

Learn things!

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