I Made Pistachio Milk (G.R.E.A.M)

It’s all about green. Herbs, cash, grass, and trees. Green Rules Everything Around Me. Soon it will be St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t get pinched! Kiss people just because of their heritage! Enjoy your ginger status! Imbibe dyed-green beer!

Today I made some green milk! It seems like a very difficult task to turn crunchy morsels into a creamy liquid, so I never made my own nut milk. But I own a food processor now, so I have this newfound confidence that I’m riding on. For my first foray I chose pistachio because I’ve never seen it on store shelves. All you need is nuts, water, some improvisation skills, and the awareness you’ll make a mess. You can also sub improvisation skills and the mess for proper tools, i.e. a good blender (not a food processor) and a nut milk bag for straining. Unlike most nuts, pistachios dont need to be soaked before you can blend them up. Cashews need just a few hours and almonds need closer to 12. So once you score a bag of pistach, you can start using right away. No waiting.

I got a bag of some green. PLU #6387 at the local Whole Foods. RAW. UNSALTED.

You need a cup of them.

You just blend with water (4-6 cups depending on whether you’re more of a skim or a 2% kind of lady/dude). Food processors aren’t meant for this much liquid and the machine started pissing all over the counter. Using my immersion blender with French press as the holding container was successful (but messy). I added just a teaspoon of vanilla and maybe a tablespoon of sugar.

You can probably guess I do not own a NUT MILK BAG and did not make a special trip to buy one. Coffee filters tore, so I used a soft woven tshirt that a man had left at my place. It was clean. And I boiled it first. It worked like a charm.

The homemade factor makes it really creamy and yummy. The pistachio flavor comes through pretty strongly, but I like it. I’ll have to try with other nuts now. I think it’d make an interesting hot cocoa or smoothie base. Experiments! Is this green enough to count as my holiday intake? I tried my best with the filters, babes, but it is admittedly a bit pastel. Lately I’ve been really into making zoodles with my spiralizer though, so I think I’m covered. Maybe more on that later.


This was fun! Nut milk bag will be on it’s way from Amazon. Live green! Go nuts! FC

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