Sugar Berry

Dear Sugar Berry,

Along with water ballon fights, sticker collections, and stuffed animals, you make my inner child smile. But here I am a big kid because I get to dispense the fro-yo into the cup all by myself. I am the perfect height so that I can stick my head under each machine and taste all the flavors. The next step is choosing between the many toppings. I have never been given so many choices or so much responsibility in my whole life. I get so excited.

I even get to pick which color spoon I want.

And I end up with something like this – Tart flavor plus a little bit of taro fro-yo with kiwi, strawberry, mango juice bubbles, and a cookie dough ball for good measure.

Thank you for the lovely experience.

Food Cutie

Sugar Berry Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

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