The Weekly Cute: Sticker Collections

Sticker collections are a rare treasure. Don’t let anyone call you a future spinster for having one. Tonight I broke out my collection and proceeded to decorate my friends’ phones with sparkly, girly adhesives. I have very easy going friends.

The following pictures are of cellular devices owned by people with wieners.

I can’t take credit for this beer drinking praying mantas guy. This one was done by Aaron.

There is no need for explanation here. Stickers are cute reduced to the lowest common denominator. Also, slightly ugly.

I want more stickers.


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  1. Becca Cottrell

    You crack me up. Who doesn’t adore stickers no matter how tacky (no pun intended) they are? Except maybe moms whose kids have put them all over their furniture, bedroom doors, etc. Stickers can be a bitch to remove.

  2. Shannon

    Love it. I think you did a wonderful job decorating the shell phones. It makes me want to decorate mine. Haha. I was thinking about my door when I as reading this. I love stickers and I love you.

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