Veggie Cocktails (Celery Drank)

Here’s how to trick kids (and adults) into eating vegetables. Put it in a blender with vodka. It’s Monday! And I made some nice cocktails using ingredients I had on-hand:

Tito’s Vodka

Frozen celery sticks

Frozen green grapes

Lemon juice

Small bit of sugar


I added a few un-blended frozen grapes like ice cubes and a teeter lemon wedge to complete the drank. Sweet from the grapes, earthy from the celery, and refreshing from the citrus. Perfect for summer.

If you’re wondering, the reason I had celery in my freezer was to add to smoothies. But then I remembered I like eating food, not drinking it, so I’m over the smoothie kick. Works really well for this cocktail though. I’m calling it Celery Drank. Try it with some frozen cucumber, bell peppers, or maybe even jalapeno! Yum.

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