Goldengate Vegetarian Cafe & Healer Dude

Hungry? Need some spinal adjusting? Belly dancing lessons?

Dr Bob’s Innate Healing Arts Center has all these things. Bob is a chiropractor and general healer dude who also runs Goldengate Vegetarian Cafe, all from one mural-covered little house hidden on the east side of Woodward just south of 7 Mile. He’s a nice guy who’s pleasantly passionate about what he does. He sat and chatted with us about his philosophy of “healing through food, healing through music, and healing through community” while we ate our tempeh wraps. I couldn’t help but admire him, sitting there with his elbows starting to poke out through holes in his long-sleeved thermal and think, “This dude is probably going to wear this holey shirt until it literally falls off of him. That’s fucking cool.”

Full of DIY decor and exposed plywood in the midst of remodeling, the crafty simplicity is refreshing. The food was really delicious and just GOOD food, ya know?


They have belly dance brunch on Sundays and drum circles on Wednesdays. Check it out for yourself!

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