Pop, Shake & Nutritional Yeast

Snacks. They can be tricky. Today I put stuff on popcorn and I liked it. Not butter but weird stuff like nutritional yeast, which is a food ingredient I never adventured with before I ate vegan. I’ll describe it as a healthier, non-fluorescent version of Kraft chz powder. I hear it has vitamin B12 so that’s cool. It’s in a ton of vegan recipes, but my first time using it was simple and easy, so I recommend you give it a try if you’re curious. I put it on popcorn and I did it again today and then proceeded to make other kinds of popcorn…

It’s a simple yet satisfying process because first you get the nice popping noise on the stove while you pop the corn, and then you get to put it in a baggie with other ingredients and shake it, which is satisfying because you’re shaking something. I’ll let you pick the song you wanna shake to.


Nutritional yeast 🙂

Garlic poweder

Chili powder (optional spiciness)

Sea salt

Black pepper

—Also good w/ some tumeric (optional)


PB2 powder


Small sprinkling of sugar

WHOAH — Just thought of right now while typing — TRY this and let me know how it is…



Chili powder

Tiny squirts Sriaracha

bit of nutritional yeast

garlic powder

^^^UPDATE – I just tried the spicy thai peanut and it is my favorite combination. POP POP! BLAT BLAT!

P.S. The “You’re the nutritional yeast to my macaroni” picture is of a card I saw at City Bird. It inspired this post.

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