Places to Be Voracious in Midtown

Just giving love to some favorite places real close to home…


This is my go-to spot if I need to get anything serious done. I have really bad internet in my apartment, so I do serious things with unlimited refills of coffee until 11 am and enjoy vegan treats from Avalon International Breads, like this date bar. I like talking to strangers here. 🙂



Seva is a solid, all vegetarian kitchen and bar. Sometimes you just want a carrot/apple/ginger juice and sometimes you want a full veg meal with friends, and this is right around the corner.

^^Spicy, tempura-battered cauliflower is cool if you’re craving fried.

I like the yam fries and spicy sauce. I got them with the TLT (tempeh, lettuce, tomato) w/ Daiya instead of cheddar.


I just go here for drinks. I like the lamps/lighting.

The lamps are important.^^

For the sake of journalism I tried the black bean burger without the cheese. It was a bit bread-y, but at least the bread is from another local spot, Traffic Jam, and it was warm and toasty and probably life-saving if you’re a voracious vegan drinking.

Let’s all supplement our vocabulary with the word voracious more.


  1. having a huge appetite : ravenous
  2. excessively eager : insatiable

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