Birthday / Bruce Anniversary (Warning: Content Related to Cats)

It’s my birthday. So, thank you for the “Happy Birthday” that you just sent me telepathically or commented or posted or said in person. This is me, catching that kiss you just blew me, and putting it to my lips. ❤

I’ll share more about birthday happenings (food) later. Really, this post is to commemorate my 1-year anniversary with my cat.

It was one of the more impulsive Saturdays in February 2014. He was the very vocal fellow at Detroit Humane Society rubbing his furry back against the side of the cage. His given name was Travis, but that would not stick. I chose him as my cat! When you know, you know!

During his first night in his new home, we had a house party. He showed great strength and mad chill in a very stimulating environment. As it were, I named him Bruce that night. A strong name for a man cat, drawing inspiration from many great Bruces before him, e.g. Willis, Lee, Springstein, and Jenner. Here are some notable snapshots from our first year together…

1795647_10201599987462030_1561399674_n IMG_1397 IMG_1396

Baby Cat From the D / Wild Animal / Bruce & Bro, Miko

IMG_1398 IMG_1395 IMG_1394

Always Got My Back / Tom Hanks Halloween Costume / Learning About Adult Responsibilities


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  1. The God Mother

    Happy B-DAY to the cutest god child a god mother could ever hope to represent in all things spiritual, remember there is no such thing as a good tatto. As a god mother, mother and animal rights activist I applaud your efforts to teach Bruce adult responsibilities, it is just never to early. We so under estimate what animals are capable of, my dog Barney actually goes to the bathroom outside and has trained Bob to pick it up, what human (outside of those in a nursing home) has trained someone to do that. Has Bruce learned to cook or bake yet, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time under your guiding light. I am telepathically beaming out to you 1k kisses, hugs and a check (read large sum) ( read good luck cashing) on a lighter note did you receive the Cook magazine subscription I sent you?
    Your fairly awesome God Mother.

  2. My dear sweet godmom, your message made me smile. You are my spiritual leader with or without tattoos. If you didn’t want to spiritually guide someone with tattoos you should not have become friends with a woman like Becky who would, undoubtedly have at least 1 rapscallion for a child. It was a gamble I suppose..Bruce is 1 year and 8 months old, so he has much more to learn, but apparently cats mature to the equivalent of a human 25 year old in their first year of life, so he is actually teaching me a lot about life…

    HUGS!!! THANKS FOR THE CHECK!! It was for $1M dollars.

    I haven’t seen the Cook magazine, but I’ll keep my eyes open! Thank you that is an awesome gift.

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