Stars and Planets Brought Food Cutie to Detroit

Hola friends,

It’s been a minute. A minute that lasted nearly 3 years, but I wanted to pop up and say “Hey!” and maybe stick around and linger on your computer screen, or mobile device or tablet (times they are a-changing) for a bit longer.

I’ve been hankering to revamp this thing for a while now. Then daily life has its effect and Mercury goes into retrograde and Mercury comes back out of retrograde. And then for whatever reason, it happened last night. I wrote about some hummus I made. It was good. WordPress notified me that it was my twentieth post, which would make this my twenty-first, and since it is February 21st it seems the stars have aligned and here I am talking to you, my old or maybe new friend. 🙂

Food Cutie is a bit wiser, a bit rawer, more traveled and coming to you from her new home of Detroit, Michigan. Sorry for leaving and going to Europe. Making blogging a priority is hard when you’re trying to focus on a foreign language and seeking Spanish love affairs. But then I came back and got another degree and found my way into a 9 to 5 deal. These things needed to happen. I’ve matured a bit, like all good things should, but to be honest I don’t even think I’m fully ripe yet. I’ll be 25 next week, and I don’t think I’ll reach full ripeness til like age 28 at least. Cheers to ripening!

My life is more focused in general, but this blog will reflect my current focus on plant-based foods, lovely fun things in Detroit, art, and all things cute.

I’m happy to be sharing with ya’ll again. ❤

unnamed-3Shout out to Detroit Institute of Bagels for having awesome coffee and cucumber water and good internet.

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