Cute Sushi // No Good Sushi

If you ever get the chance to order sushi with strawberries on top at Totoro in Ann Arbor, I recommend you pass on this opportunity. These flavors are not friends. On this particular dish they don’t even have a mutual friend, like a balsamic sauce, to gossip with together inside your mouth. It looks pretty though.

I ordered this roll, despite my better judgment, for two reasons:

1. It is called Hello Kitty. Food Cutie gold.

2. If I hadn’t ordered this crazy combination or something like the one below with kiwi on it, the rest of my life would be one big ‘what if”. I wanted my mind to be blown, but no such sensation occurred. It tastes exactly how you would think.

Should have gone with Pikachu.

Totoro sits near the door and greets all the patrons to this Japanese restaurant named in his honor. I guess he hasn’t had any luck finding work after starring as the big, cuddly monster in Miyazaki’s My Neighbor, Totoro. The movie is slow and pointlessly cute; another adorable thing I don’t recommend. Don’t watch it unless you have a bunch of other stuff to do simultaneously.


ARRH! Eat that miso soup, girl.

Vegans are so predictable.

So, don’t be like me and get swept away by the cuteness. Bye.


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1 Comment

  1. Dawn Lower

    This is one of my favorites of your posts so far. I am sitting here laughing at my desk. Keep ’em coming, girl!
    Your Super Cute Aunt Dawn 🙂

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