The Pumpkin That Lived

Sometime in early March, just as the snow was starting to melt and stay that way, I found a pumpkin in someone’s backyard neighboring Sizzling Kabobs. I assume he has been estranged from his patch since mid fall of 2011. Not knowing what else to do, I swaddled him in my jacket and brought him to the best doctor I know. The lab tests came back positive; he is a magical pumpkin.

I did not have the heart to put him back on the streets, so we are now roommates. He gets the windowsill and I get the rest of the room. I think he’s a Taurus. It works out nicely, but sometimes I am tempted to throw him in the oven and eat him so that I may selfishly benefit from his majestical life matter.

He is rather small but a nice, earthy orange color.

Yeah, so that’s my pumpkin. I think this may suffice as the Weekly Cute or maybe I should start the Weekly Crazy. Ya’ll decide.

Should I be studying for my final in 1 hour? Yes. Goodbye!

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