Plundering at the Parents’

Lots of food at my parents’ house. I take a break from my hobo college lifestyle to visit the fam and raid the stocked fridge and pantry. What do I want to eat? There is a whole drawer dedicated to cheese. Probably over 10 different kinds of cheese in there.

I made this sandwich with ingredients I pillaged from the lovely Becca & Michael Cottrell.

In honor of them, here is my chorizo sandwich gif.

Sourdough bread, roasted red pepper, chorizo, fresh mozarella, and basil. I toasted the bread, added all these little guys, then threw ‘er in the mikey wave to melt the cheese a bit.

Coming up on the other side of the sandwich we got avocado and tomato I smooshed up with some garlic, pepper, and salt to finish off this gorgeous chorwich.

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