The Weekly Cute: Ugly Things

Cute. Ugly. They can exist in perfect duality. In honor of this phenomenon, I give you The Weekly Cute.

Exhibit A – Gaudy Trucker Hat

I was about to leave Brody Hall after a lovely meal at the newly remodeled caf (which I will post about soon) and happened upon one of those on-campus craft events that University Activities Board sponsors to deter freshman students from experimenting with drugs. “Decorate your own trucker hat FOR FREE!” they said. And I replied, “Yes, please.”

Although I can proudly say I’ve never had any desire to own a trucker hat, I also cannot turn down anything free. The meter was about to run out on my boyfriend’s car parked outside, so I had to act fast. I sat down with some tacky glue, puffy paint and thousands of rhinestones and furiously glued on as much shit as possible. Ain’t it tragic?

Exibit B – Hand-Me-Down Sweater

This sweater has been in my family since the late nineties. My love for it comes purely from a place of nostalgia. It’s ill-fitting and obnoxious. It’s perfect. I can remember the Gap holiday ad campaign that attributed to the sweater’s popularity ten or so years ago and was happy to have it re-enter my life when I found it, abandoned in my sister’s room at our parents’ house. I don’t think she’ll mind.

I don’t usually wear every color of the rainbow, but when I do it looks like this:

Oh my! I was doing some googling to figure out exactly what year this sweater was in Gap stores, and found this awesome artist on Etsy who repurposes sweaters and sells them as puppy fashion. Yesssss. Now I need a dog.

Do you guys own anything that is traditionally considered tacky, but just warms your heart? For some reason, they are the best things. Ugly things need love too. Equal opportunity cutie over hurrr.


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