The Weekly Cute: Dickeys

Why don’t people wear dickeys anymore?

Wearing a false shirt that covers little more than your collar bones may seem ridiculous, but it’s really quite genius. I’m bringing dickeys back. Liz Lemon and I together.

Dickey chic.

Thus, The Weekly Cute. The look of wearing multiple layers without the bulk and bunching of actually wearing more than 1 shirt.

So find some old collared shirts you don’t like anymore and just cut around the neck opening, making sure to leave enough fabric. Leave three or so buttons. There’s nothing worse than a dickey that’s too short. Har har har. Had to.

No, but seriously, I was rocking this look the other day at Target and after trying on some Jason Wu threads, my dickey must have gotten disheveled. I didn’t notice until at the register when I looked down to find my dickey, sticking out of my sweater. It was embarrassing. Don’t make ya dickey too little.

Collared Greens
Fun with dickeys!

It’s nerdy. It’s chic. It’s The Weekly Cute.

You’re welcome,

Food Cutie

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  1. Dawn Lower

    Oh my goodness, Colleen, how you make me laugh! “Collared greens” I love it! Keep ’em coming. You are very talented & I look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

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