Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine

Blue Nile in Ann Arbor is sooo dankity dank dank.

I had the pleasure of eating there with my mom, sister Shannon, Aunt Susan, and Aunt Dawn. I don’t see my extended family very often and when I do it’s a big get-together with everyone, so it was really nice to have a more intimate lunch with them even if we were brought together by a tragic situation. Oh, cute!

On to the food. If you’ve never had Ethiopian cuisine before, it comes in little piles on a flat, spongey bread called injera. You can use a fork if you’re the whitest person ever, but it’s real delicious if you just take a piece of injera, grab some slop, then put it in your mouth. Eating with your hands, how exotic!

They have the best tea ever.
Chicken, beans, and potatoes.
Lamb, red lentils, and I think collard greens.
Beef, lentils, and cabbage.

I hope you all have some yummy plans for Valentine’s Day, but there is no shame in buying yourself a box of chocolates, cuties!

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