Grandma Always Said She’d Outlive Whitney Houston

The last time I was able to talk to my grandma she was bragging that she had the darkest eyebrows out of all the women at Abbey Park Retirement Community. This is why I love her. She always thinks of something boast-worthy.

Doris Bailo kept on breathing after being taken off life support on Friday. On February 19th she will be 85 years old and still the most hardcore democrat I know. She raised ten kids and traveled the world. I can only hope to experience 1/3 of the things she did by the time I’m her age.

I hope death meets her peacefully whenever she is ready to let go.

During the gift exchange at Christmas last year we passed around a bottle of wine and everyone took swigs. Grandma was like, “Yeah, I can fux with that.” (not exact quote)
These are the songs we played for her before they took her breathing tube out. She loved Sarah Brightman and Enya.

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  1. Dawn Lower

    The more I read this, the more it makes me laugh, especially the caption under the picture where you say “not exact quote” hahahahahahaha. I think I would pass out on the spot if my mother ever DID say something like that!

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